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Trade Services

High grade metal and stainless steel polishing service – As a instrument manufacturer, we have a wide range of polishing equipment and capacity for additional trade polishing and finishing work on stainless steel. We are able to offer a variety of metal finishes, including bright polish and satin finish, through mops, sisals and brushes. We have experience in polishing stainless steel amps, luxury car parts and a variety of other products that require an ultra-bright polish finish.

Laser marking service – We run 2 laser markers and have the capacity to cater for outside large runs and requests for bespoke laser marking on a variety of materials, including stainless steel.

Laser welding service – we offer a laser welding service for fabrication of miniature and small parts.

Stainless steel Baskets and tray manufacture – we manufacture a huge range of stainless steel baskets for surgical use, but we can also manufacture these for catering and other uses. Including for cleaning small and miniature components. We can offer bespoke sizes in 316 and 304 stainless steel.

Please contact us with any enquirers you may have, info@g-devices.com

Satin Finish
These instruments feature high standard for professional use.
Sand Finish
Half Or Full Sand Blasted On Polish Finish.
These instruments give timeless surface appearance.
Polish Finish
These instruments feature high grade and highly attractive shinning surface finish.
Gold Platting
Half or Full Gold Platting On Polish Finish 24 Carot hard gold platted instruments have a extra high quality aooearance.
Powder Coated
Half Or Full Powder Color Coated On Polish Finish.
These instruments give uniquely attractive look by using different color combinations.