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Tray Refurbishment

Instrument Measuring and Identification

Through experience, we know the difficulties that can occur when trying to order new instruments. One i.e. Orthopedic minor Tray at one hospital, can have completely different components to one at another hospital. Similarly, trays can contain different patterns of the same instrument, different names and so on. To ensure our customer gets what they want we can arrange Free of Charge for one of our sales team to visit you and inspect, measure, photograph and log the contents of your tray, or whatever is necessary. This ensures you get the exact patterns and weights that you require. If we don’t stock the exact patterns, we’ll make them up in our factory in Sialkot Pakistan¬†(We’re happy for you to visit us, while this is done). If it’s an instrument we need more time with, we only need a day to take the instrument and make up a pattern or detailed drawing to ensure we can replicate this.

Tray Refurbishment

To cut costs, Trusts are looking to refurbish their current trays, as oppose to replace the instruments. Our sales representatives will come and look at trays that you may wish to be refurbished and quote on this service. The instruments will come back to you, as new. If you have a tray that is short of instruments, we’ll include this in the service at a reduced cost. What we do in the price, where necessary:

  • Count, check and identify all instruments on the tray- log for trace ability
  • Sharpen and re-set- Scissors & Scissor Needle holders
  • Re Set- All articulated instruments e.g. artery forceps, scissors and needle holders.
  • Weld- Any cracks in the instruments, where a repair is possible, to save replacement.
  • Broken or damaged ends-we will repair( e.g this may involve welding and fitting new ends on one piece instruments), by welding, regrinding and re-polishing.
  • Refinishing- All instruments will be Polished/Satin Finished/Bead blasting (as applicable) to make them as new.
  • Replaced TC Jaws- On needle holders if necessary
  • Non TC needle holders
  • Re-plate gold bows- On needle holders if necessary
  • Riveting- Replacement of rivets on e.g. box joints, if necessary
  • Re-solder- On joints where necessary
  • Racks- Re-cut on e.g. Artery forceps
  • Self retaining retractors- replacement/repair of racks and triggers
  • Passivation- When any instrument shows to be corroding, we will passivate to show up any sub standard materials that may cross contaminate other instruments on the tray. If necessary, we will replace the faulty instrument.
  • Cleaning- ultrasonic cleaning and lubricating
  • Laser Marking- We will mark with department name, if required Fit for Reprocessing- Upon completion of the refurbishment, we will ensure that the instruments on the tray are suitable for re-processing to relevant HTM standards

Bespoke Tray/Basket Consultancy

We can custom make Din, Scope and mesh baskets to suit your needs. This may be for delicate instruments, such as cataract or Phaco sets. These can be made depending on the requirements of the surgeon and what they require in their set. We also manufacture custom baskets for holding expensive scopes in place. Our sales representatives will visit you Free of charge to discuss your requirements and take measurements.