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Dental Instruments

Discover the wide range of high quality dental instruments from Glomed Devices. Dental instruments are the tools that dental professionals use to provide dental treatment. They include tools to examine, manipulate, restore and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures.Standard instruments are the instruments used to examine, restore and extract teeth and manipulate tissues.
Extracting Forceps
Root Elevator
Scalpel Handle, Mouth Mirror, Scalers, Explorer/Probes
Endodontic Condensers, Obturation, Excavators, E/P, Curette Sets
Amalgam Pluggers /Condensers, Burnishers
Wax Carvers, Carvers, Chisels
Plastic Filling Instruments
Curettes, Gracy Curettes & Knives
Wax Porcelain & Cement,Wax & Modeling Instruments
Spatulas, Cement Spatulas
Files,Hoes,Knives,Was & Plaster,Crane Kaplan & Chisels
Bone Curettes,Files,Chisels & Mallet
Crown Remover & Instruments
Impants & Measuring Instruments, Suction Tube, Bone Guages
Amalgam Guns & Carriers, Retainers, Bands, Strip & Napkin
Rubber Dam Instruments & Clamps
Syringes,Tweezer,Sterilizing & Lab Instruments
Endodontic, Tissue, Haemostatic Forceps & Towel Clamps
Lip & Check Retractors, Hooks, Depression & Mouth Gags
Orthodontic Pliers & Cutters, Rongeurs
Needle Holder,Scissors,Micro Surgery Set
Impression Trays
Articulators & Hollow Wares
TC Instruments